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Advisory Services

Business Development

Our senior leadership, entrepreneurial and board experiences provide us with a hands-on understanding of the principles, tools, processes, and skills necessary to grow a business, enter a new market or break-down the barriers to achieving your vision. We have the expertise, contacts and critical thinking relevant to the energy, financial, water and education sectors.  Specific areas of strength include:

  • Market penetration strategy development and execution

  • Impact/economic benefit agreement strategy and Negotiation

  • Debt and equity sourcing for major project execution

  • Governance model development and implementation


Business Operational Change

We provide expertise and assistance for companies who have identified a need for operational change and work together to execute a plan to ensure success.   Areas covered include:

  • Conducting detailed business analysis in order to create solutions and opportunities to achieve the company's goal.

  • Working in tandem with the Company team to ensure successful change implementation or the installation of a new business line.  

  • Delivering the planning, training, and ongoing support for rollouts or changes to technology systems.

  • Creating and implementing new operational policy and procedures or new controls. 


Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

We work with a trusted network of individuals, potential partners, and organizations established from our decades of experiences working with utility organizations, regulators, independent power producers, engineering firms and financial institutions.  Understanding your needs and introducing you to potential partners that may be able to help you achieve your goals.

Research, Analysis & Negotiation

We have experience driving complex decisions in multi-stakeholder environments. We recognize different stakeholders emphasize different perspectives and priorities. We work with our clients and their stakeholders to ensure information is available and presented to practically support the needs of each stakeholder. Sample services include:

  • Negotiating the commercial aspects of impact/economic benefit agreements

  • Negotiating the commercial terms of special purpose vehicle agreements

  • Negotiating debt financing agreements negotiating major procurement, supply, and maintenance a

  • Developing financial models to support negotiations

  • Benchmarking & best practice analysis to support negotiations

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