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Courses & Workshops

Leadership, motivation, and effective communication are critical aspects of successful organizational performance. We work with your organization to improve the skills of team members so that the overall organization can better achieve its objectives. For more than two decades, Cordura consultants have developed and delivered customized management training for organizations throughout North America and Europe. Examples of workshops and courses that we offer to our clients include:

  1. Understanding Unconscious Bias

  2. Understanding & Embracing Ethics in the Workplace

  3. Dispelling the Myth of Effective Meetings

  4. Leveraging the 4 Intelligences to Embrace and Manage Change

  5. Principles of Negotiation

  6. Powerful Presentations

  7. Succession & Retention

  8. Finance for Non-Financial Managers

  9. Engaging & Motivating Self-Driven Teams

  10. Giving and Receiving Effective Feedback

  11. Exceptional Customer Service in Challenging Situations

  12. Conflict Resolution

  13. Engaging & Leading within Change

  14. Planning for a Business

  15. I have a case, How do I make it?

All topics are customizable to meet specific client needs.  Cordura works with individual organizations to build content and delivery that best ensure the desired learning outcomes of the needs of the organization.

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